Please find below instructions on how to make chess software accessible to blind or partially sighted people.


There are many pieces of chess software on the market, most of which, unfortunately, are not very accessible. The B.C.A. have contacted many of the suppliers in an attempt to request them to keep accessibility in mind when designing a new application.

Luckily though, we have technical experts within our association, who have worked industriously to discover ways in which we can make the most popular pieces of software more accessible.

If you are aware of any other software, that could be made user-friendly for blind or partially sighted chess players, please contact us and give us details.


We have discovered that the "Fritz" chess software is the most accessible for visually impaired people. Earlier versions, such as Fritz 7, 8, and 9, needed little tweaking to make them extremely accessible, as they have an in-built audio-move announcement feature, that allows the user to interact with the software successfully.

However, in later versions of Fritz, some alterations of the settings are required and we will provide details here on how to accomplish this.

For information concerning the "Fritz" chess software.

Details on the Fritz Chess software


The "Winboard"chess software also has features built within it, which makes it accessible to visually impaired people.

Download the Winboard chess software

Online chess playing

There are a number of chess websites out there that are accessible when using a speech synthesizer, such as "Jaws".

Indeed, the Fritz "play online" and "Chessbase" websites are more than adequate.

However, the world-wide renowned "International Chess Club", which can be found at

Allows people to play against other people online. However, to use their software "Blitz-in", blind or partially sighted people will require a plug-in, called "Blitz-in speak-move", which will announce the moves, messages and all the other features of the server.

Download the Blitz-in Speak-move plug-in.

Assistance or advice

For any other assistance or advice on accessible chess software for visually impaired people, please contact us and we will make every attempt to give you technical support.


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