Photograph of Gill SmithThe Treasurer has the responsibility of maintaining meticulous and confidential records of all the financial dealings for the association. These records must be independently examined every year and precise and detailed accounts must be made available if requested by the Charity Commission. The annual accounts are available for public viewing and can be found on the BCA website.

Click here for the B.C.A. accounts.

The treasurer oversees all payments into the BCA accounts, the payments being received for various reasons including membership subscriptions, tournament entries and donations. Any payments made by cheque or cash are paid into the bank at the earliest convenience. Cash transactions are kept to a minimum. The treasurer maintains a record of restricted funds, where donations are given for a specific purpose. The treasurer notifies the appropriate people when payments are received, such as tournament organisers and holders of stock of chess sets and clocks. Subscriptions for the Millennium Club are notified to the Millennium Club organiser who in turn informs the treasurer who is to receive the monthly prize.

All payments out of the BCA accounts are initiated by the treasurer and authorised by a second trustee in line with our Constitution. This applies whichever method of payment is used: cheque, online payment, Direct Debit form or International Payment Form.

Amongst other duties the treasurer also claims Gift Aid, maintains the trustee information on the Charity Commission register and keeps a record of event risk assessments for insurance purposes.



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