Photograph of Mark HagueThe role of the membership secretary is to collate a list of the association’s membership, and ensure that it is constantly up-to-date. Also, the role of the officer is to ensure that all documentation for BCA events and meetings is sent to the relevant participants in advance and in their choice of medium.

A complete membership list is distributed to the membership every two years and the membership secretary must coordinate this accordingly. In addition, articles for the BCA Gazette must be submitted with amendments to the membership list as this occurs.

It can not be emphasised enough how important it is, that the guidelines for informing the membership of any changes are abided by. If a member moves and their details are not passed to him, it makes it extremely difficult to keep our membership and gazette records up to date.

If anyone has details of a new member wishing to join the BCA, or if you just have a change of address, however slight, or if you wish to change the medium in which you receive information, then please do not hesitate to contact him.
email the membership secretary
Obviously it is up to those playing correspondence chess to notify their opponents of any changes of address or to their use of media.



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