Photograph of Julie LeonardHere is a brief description to the duties performed by the BCA Gazette editor.

  • Each Gazette needs to have certain sections; the front pages should contain the title, editor's contact details, the names and contact details of the committee and also of the friendly games coordinator and periodicals distributor. There needs to be a disclaimer to the effect that views expressed in the gazette do not necessarily reflect those of the BCA or those of the editor. The editor has the right to edit articles for reasons of style, space and for legal/diplomatic reasons (e.g. to avoid libel).
  • The editorial should acknowledge any contributions towards the cost of production. If any particular contributions need to be mentioned, the fundraiser will let the editor know.
  • Typically there will also be a forthcoming events section, reports from various officers such as the tournament director and membership secretary and so on. It is a good idea to organise these reports by theme: forthcoming events should appear first, then administrative reports, then reports on tournaments or events, then other contributions. Contributions should have the name of the author after them.

It is a good idea to ask people to prepare a report on a tournament before they go to a tournament so that they can make any particular notes they feel would be good in a report.



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