The World Individual Championship
for the Visually Impaired.

Views of Chris Ross

Round 9

Wednesday 19th October

Table 10

Jorgen Magnusson (2315) [Sweden] 0-1 Chris Ross (2129) [England]

Table 26

Stephen Hilton (2002) [England] 1-0 Patrik Berggren (1913) [Sweden]

Brilliant finish to the tournament! I ground out poor old Jorgen with the black bits in a classical Nimzo.

Steve had a surprsingly easy win against the other Swede, crushing him quickly with the 2. Bg5 line in the Dutch.

Michael had the bye. That leaves me on 5.5/9, equaling my effort from 4 years ago and Steve on 50% with 4.5/9.

Berlinski managed to swindle his way to beat Krylov in the last round and leave himself half a point of the field, winning the tournament with 7.5/9.

Carlos Larduet takes 2nd place on tie-break from Lubov Zsiltzova who are both on 7.0/9.

Final standings will be clarified soon when the rest of the tie-breaks have been sorted out.

OK, am now offf to the closing ceremony.

Round 8

Tuesday 17th October

Chris Ross (2129) [England] 0-1 Tadeusz Zoltek (2239) [Poland]

Krishna Udupa (2057) 0.5-0.5 Stephen Hilton (2002) [England]

Yet another unhappy day for the Brits today.
I played a queen's gambit Exchange variation and tried castling queen's and playing it like Kasparov, but got hacked up by black's A and B pawns instead. As usual, I messed up in an open and complicated position where tactics were plentiful. What happened to my good old boring positional play. Not evident in this tournament.

Steve seems to have been fairly lucky. Several pawns down, managed to trap his opponent's queen, who bailed out with a perpectual.

Scores on the dorrs are me with 4.5 and Steve on 3.5. I'm actually fairly disappointed with my 4.5. If I win tomorrow, I only equal my previous attempt in 2002.

Tomorrow is an early start (09.00 AM). The tournament is open at the top which several people playing for first. It looks likely that 7.0 will take the 1st place and there is a gang of folk around the 6 and 5.5 mark.

Sorry I'm not in that bunch.

Round 7

Monday 16th October

Table 16

Chris Ross (2129) [England] 1-0 Zadeh Leila Zare [Iran]

Table 25

Stephen Hilton (2002) [England] 1/2-1/2 Tonteri Ari (1975) [Finland]

Not much to report for today's performance.

A bit of an evil king-side attack saw my young Iranian lady opponent go down in a blaze of glory whereas steve's draw was a stodgy if solid performance.

Not many results are coming through yet, but you all heard about Krylov's surprise loss yesterday, which blasted the whole field open.

For myself, I seek to get two final wins in the last rounds, giving me 6.5/9, succeeding my personal target of 6/9 and garaunteering me of joint 3rd place.

Round 6

Sunday 15th October

Table 19

Tonteri Ari (1975) [Finland] 0-1 Chris Ross (2129) [England]

Table 26

Pal Eros (2089) [Hungary] 1/2-1/2 Stephen Hilton (2002) [England]

A day of excellent preparation again for myself. An opening turned out which we had predicted and a careful and activie plan conceived by us in pre-match study allowed me to gain a small but tricky advantage. Tactics began to flow and an exposed white king allow some neat tricks to win an exchange and the end-game was easily converted.

Steve pushed hard, but just didn't manage to convert a small advantage in a rook ending. What do they say though, all rook pawn endings are drawn, look at mine in round 2!

Delaney gets another draw! He's now on 3.5 and has a possibility of getting the bye tomorrow. This is due to DUKACZEWSKI dropping out at the last minute. This gives the tournament an odd number

Round 5

Friday 13th October

Chris Ross (2129) [England] 0-1 Alexander Romanenkov (2234) [Russia]

Stephen Hilton (2002) [England] 0-1 Oscar Gabikagogeaskoa Saez (2006) [Spain]

Another sad day at the office. In all fairness though, both of our losses were mostly due to being outplayed. No injustice was done today.

I prepared extensively for my opponent, and was expecting a Tatakower variation of the queen's gambit declined, but was move-ordered into a IQP, which I am really unfamiliar with. I had a relatively good position going into the time control, and there were a few places where improvements were possible. My lack of experience with such positions was probably my undoing. In the time scramble, I lacked a game plan and was undone by some simple tactics by my opponent.

Steve played 4. a4 against the Benoni, but allowed his opponent to get Qa5/Qb4 in and got some very active counter-play.

Michael gets another draw!! This ensured the lads didn't walk away with nothing....

Rest day trip out to Goa, checking out some temples and then maybe some shopping. Slightly concerned about the weather as it is fairly hot out here, outside that is. Didn't want to be wandering around on the outside too much. The AC in many places is very good.
By the way, the hotel is beautiful, with a wonderful all around swimming pool, palm trees, the beach, excellent food, with quick and efficient waiter service and the bedrooms are massive with spotless conditions everywhere. There must be about 30 cleaners knocking around the hotel all at one time. Brilliant.

Oh, forgot to tell you how the tournament is panning out. Krylov is crushing everybody. He won his first 4, and was clear leader. Round 5, he had a draw with
Jorgen Magnusson who was on 3.5. There's a few on 4 though.

Ok, week one over, next stage is Sunday more news then.

Round 4

Thursday 12th October

Table 19

Elisabeth Fries (1831) [Germany] 0-1 Chris Ross (2129) [England]

Table 13

Norlis Tamayo (2211) [Cuba] 1-0 Stephen Hilton (2007) [England]

I I had a comfortable win against Elisabeth from Germany. Once again, excellent pre-match preparation gave me a massive advantage in the opening (London system), and I gained an immediate and dangerous advantage. A minature of mate in 25 moves resulted. Unusual for me was that I adopted the King's Indian as my weapon against the London, getting e7-e5 on move 4 to kick the bishop. That bishop later got trapped on h4.

Steve had a very tough game with chances for both sides. His opponent sacked the exchange with the white bits of a Najdorf, to enable a D pawn to march down to D7. Steve went pawn grabbing and underestimated the back rank. A temp queen sack for a guarding rook allowed the pawn to promote and mate was to follow.

Michael Delaney is finally on the score board! From having a massive advantage in his game, his opponent scrambled around and Michael accepted a resulting draw.

Round 3

Wednesday 11th October

Table 6

Chris Ross (2129) [England] 0-1 Vladimir Berlinsky (2301) [Russia]

Table 12

Stephen Hilton (2007) [England] 1/2-1/2 Aleksandr Romanenvok (2234) [Russia] A very sad day for me. A full rook up against the Russian number 2. having crushed him through the opening and early middle-game, and had a trivial win, and simply blundered in the time scramble.

Its heart-breaking, for how anybody deserved anything for black from such a garbage position is anybody's guess.

Injustice was comprehensibly done today. I'll send the game around later to justify my claim, but wait until you see such an easy position. The move I wanted was to win queen for rook, leaving me a full queen up. I'm sure resignation would have been immediate by Berlinsky, but I went for a finess with a check and knacked it all up. Sad, very, very sad.

I know nothing of Steve's game yet. A draw against a 2200 plus player is no disgrace though.

Unfortunatley, Michael Delaney once again went down to the young and upcoming star of Sweden. He's having a hard time of it.

Tuesday 10th October

Round 2

Table 4

Carlos Larduet (2308) [Cuba] 1/2-1/2 Chris Ross (2129) [England]

Table 15

Aleksey Nikitin (2318) [Russia] 1/2-1/2 Stephen Hilton (2007) [England]

Two very well-earned draws. A good day all around. For myself, had a better middle-game but got cramped down in a rook pawn ending, lost a pawn and struggled to hold a theoretical drawn position.

Steve had an easier time, where his opponent played quietly with the white pieces (1. d4 2. e3 and 3. b3), won the exchange for two pawns, got rooks on the 7th but just couldn't convert. There were chances to play on, but a draw was agreed. So, I have now faced two 2300 plus players and Steve has got two very good results from high rated players.

After 2 days, things look promising. 50% for the two of us. Unfortunately, Michael Delaney went down once again, but he had a much more interesting game today with plenty of activity. The draw will be done at 22.00 tonight. Till tomorrow.

B.C.A. Draw for Round 3

Chris Ross 2129 VS Vladimir Berlinsky 2301 (Russia)

Steve has got a Russian too, a 2250 and Michael has a 1900

Why do I always get the 2300 plus guys?

Last time I played Berlinsky, he had a pathetic opening, but outplayed me in the middle, game on friends!! Watch this spot!!

Monday 9th October


Round 1

Table 25

Steve Hilton (2007) [England] 1-0 Hassali Ghadiribidhendi (2130) [Iran]

Table 26

Chris Ross (2129) [England) 1-0 Makhsut Jumabekov (2313) {Kazahkstan]

Both of us played really well today. I had an amazing crush of a 2313. I'll save the games until I get back and analyse them in great detail, for they deserve it especially today's effort. It would be a great shame just for you to play through it and not understand what I was doing or thinking about at the time.

Steve had to fend off the Budapest gambit but succeeded in doing it without straining himself too vigorously. He eventually managed to convert his material advantage to claim another very good win. Michael Delaney had a difficult game, won material but blundered at the end and sadly had to throw the towel in. So, after round 1. Steve and I are leading the tournament!!!

The tournament room is good, very spacious and cool, although a fair bit or discussion and disruption is apparent. Not brilliant, but maybe it is first days launching problems.

Tomorrow, I face a Cuban of 2308 ELO and Steve faces a Spanish guy of 2120 grade. We both have black and look forward to marching on.

Michael Delaney is representing Ireland.

31 countries are represented in the championship with 150 competitors

Round 1 - Monday 09th Oct 14.00
Round 2. Tuesday 10th Oct 14.00
Round 3. Wednesday 11th Oct Oct 14.00
Round 4. Thursday 12th Oct Oct 14.00
Round 5. Friday 13th Oct Oct 14.00
Round 6. Sunday 15th Oct Oct 14.00
Round 7. Monday 16th Oct Oct 14.00
Round 8. Tuesday 17th Oct Oct 14.00
Round 9. Wednesday 18th Oct Oct 14.00

Sunday 8th October

Steve Hilton has now arrived, safe and sound. The
Irish lot, Michael with his guide, Justin have also landed.
So, the ranks gathered, all ready for battle tomorrow.
We have heard that there are 31 countries, 150 players. 8 from Russia at least! A few German and all the other bizarre countries around the globe. The current champ, Journus of is also present.

Saturday 7th October

Chris and I have arrived safely in Goa. Got met at
the airport no sweat and had a crazy journey by car to the hotel. The hotel itself seems very nice with good swimming and garden facilities. First appearances seem to indicate that there isn't much around the hotel, but we'll soon find outs


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