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The International Braille Chess Association (I.B.C.A.)
Dutch Braille Chess Federation (NSVG)
The German Blind Chess Association
Der Blinden- und Sehbehinderten-Schachklub
All India Chess Federation for the Blind
The Irish Braille Chess Association
The Italian Blind Chess Association
Swedish Chess Federation For The Blind
The United States of America Braille Chess Association


The English Chess Federation
FIDE (The World Chess Federation)
Chess Scotland
British Chess Magazine
The 4 Nations Chess League
The Week in Chess
Chess Books on
Download chess books for free and improve your chess skills!
Play online chess, E-mail Chess, Beholderboard Chess.
The Sean Marsh chess blog
Chess Baron
ChessBaron is a straighforward, honest and innovative chess retailer serving the chess market. It's situated in the UK and delivers worldwide.

Chess associations and clubs

Battersea Chess Club
Bristol And District League
Cambridgeshire Chess Association
Cleveland Chess
Durham County Chess Association
Essex Chess Association
Insurance Chess Club
Middlesex County Chess Association
The Southern County Chess Union
The Chess Oracle
Yorkshire Chess Association


British Federation For Correspondence Chess (BFCC)
International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF)
The BCA is a member organisation of the BFCC, which is affiliated to the ICCF. Therefore, any BCA member can play in BFCC or ICCF tournaments without paying a membership fee. They would have to pay the entry fee for the individual tournament. The ICCF runs e-mail tournaments [entry fee being £6]. You enter via the BFCC. Duncan Chambers is Assistant International Secretary of the BFCC and can tell you anything else you need to know.


The Royal National Institute of Blind People
British Blind Sport
Deaf Blind UK
You can do it!
This association provides computer training for disabled people in their own homes on their own systems.


Personal Websites


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