B.C.A. Rapid-Play 2008

Nine members and three associate members gathered at the Midland Hotel, Derby, on 9th august 2008 for a five round rapid-play tournament. We were pleased to welcome Bruce Birchall and Michael McGuigan to their first B.C.A. event. We got off to a shakey start when we discovered only five of the eight who use Braille Chess clocks brought their clock and the organiser, who is also your reporter, failed to inform our two new members, who each use sighted sets, that they should bring along their set.

The shortage of sets was, to some extent, resolved when Chris Ross offered his set and played his games blindfold [without a chess set]. Chris, who was on the last leg of his journey of 4700 miles from Nirobi, says he was finding jet lag more of a problem than the lack of a chess set! This reporter, nevertheless, was impressed with his 100 percent score. Here is a neat miniature played by newcomer to B.C.A. events, Bruce Birchall, against experienced campaigner, John Gallagher:

White: B. Birchall
Black: J. Gallagher

B.C.A. Rapid-Play, Midland Hotel, Derby, 9th August 2008

1. e4 c5
2. nf3 d6
3. d4 cxd4
4. nxd4 nf6
5. nc3 g6
6. f4 bg7
7. e5 dxe5
8. fxe5 nd6
9. bb5+ kf8
10.0-0 nxc3
11. ne6+
Black resigned
Very neat!

Leading scores were:

C. Ross 5 from 5
D. Hodgkins 3.5 from 5
B. Birchall, T. Cole and G. Walsh [who also controlled the event] 3 from 5

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