Digital talking chess clock

An alternative type of chess clock for blind and partially sighted players is the talking digital clock.

This is a digital chess clock with display screens used by sighted players but there is also the option of using personal headphones to determine how much time is left for each player and whose move it is. The clock can be set for a range of time controls and can be set by a VI player without any sighted help. The process is not simple but it can readily be mastered with practice.

User guide on the digital talking clock 

Our current supplier manufactures these clocks in Spain. We sell them at a discount to UK BCA members for £60 each.
If you are a non-UK resident or not a UK-resident member of the BCA, please contact the manufacturer directly:

Juan Carlos,
Fundosa Accesibilidad SA,
Carrer Del Corral 2,
08014 Barcelona

Email: Juan Carlos

Description: Description: Photograph of Bill Armstrong at a chess event with his digital clock and headphones in use


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