Braille chess sets

Modifications to chess equipment allow visually impaired players to access chess sets, which they are allowed to touch during tournament and league play. All the black squares on the Braille chess board are raised about 3 mm above the white squares. Photograph of Braille chess setEach square has a hole in the centre where the chess pieces are placed. The sets are pegged so each piece has a short piece of dowel underneath which fits into the holes. For the pieces, one colour, usually the black pieces, have a metal pin in their heads. These adaptations allow a visually impaired player to distinguish squares and pieces by touch.

The BCA currently have pegged Staunton-style tactile chess sets available in two sizes, the small set has a 25 cm board (10 inches)

and the large set has a 33 cm board (13 inches).

The cost of these sets is 42.50 for the smaller set and 52.50 for the larger set.  However, each UK VI member will be entitled to buy one set at a reduced price: A small set at 30 or a larger set at 40.


The BCA is also monitoring the development of other designs including: magnetic sets and small travelling sets.
Currently, the Italian Braille Chess Association are developing such sets and to find out further details about them, please email them.
Email the Italian BCA

We always welcome suggestions for improvements or variations on the design of chess sets. Any suggestions or for further information contact our technical team 
Email the technical sub-committee



Photograph of Braille chess set



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